Towards a European Private International law Act? Louvain April conference in honour of prof Marc Fallon.

On 21 April, Louvain-La-Neuve will be hosting a conference in honour of prof emeritus Marc Fallon. The general concept of the conference is included below (summary provided by prof Stéphanie Francq, one of the main organisers of the event). More info with full program and link for registration is here. This will be a thoughtFest for all interested in EU private international law and with working languages both English and French, it speaks to a broad audience.

Get thee to Louvain. Geert.


Why and for what purpose should European private international law be codified? This twofold question will be at the heart of the discussions on April 21, 2023, during a colloquium paying tribute to the remarkable work of Professor Marc Fallon in the fields of private international law and European law, and in particular to his involvement in the Belgian and European codification of private international law. How did we come to envisage a European codification of private international law? What do we expect from it? Does an EU codification have the same ambitions as national codifications? Do these ambitions not vary according to the place, the time and the context of international constraints imposed on the legislator? Does a codification at the European level, and at the present time, imply specific needs, challenges and consequences, even dangers, for both the national and the European legal orders? And above all, does it offer new prospects or hopes for the European project and for the discipline of private international law?

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