The Credit Suisse rescue operation. A Smorgasbord of international dispute resolution options.

UBS’ bailout of Credit Suisse, arguably strong-armed by the Swiss State, will have had countless lawyers phoning investors, and countless investors lawyering up. I am no expert in banking and finance law, I am of course like everyone else aware that the anger is most visible in so-called AT1 bondholders. This blog is interested in the dispute resolution fall-out likely to rain down on various dispute resolution avenues for some time to come.

A quick flag that those considering litigation, will have a range of issues to ponder. Who to sue, for starters. The Swiss authorities might be a target, leading of course to considerations of immunity and, give the close involvement of the Swiss authorities in the rescue, of the qualification of the claims as ‘civil and commercial’ (echoes here of CJEU Kuhn etc, now under the Lugano Convention).

What litigation avenue to pursue, next: the bond holders will be subject to dispute resolution clauses, one imagines either with choice of court for Switzerland or providing for commercial arbitration. Depending on time and avenue of acquisition of the bonds, the holders may well argue they are not bound by such clauses, Further, a potential to use the route typically favoured by Swiss-headquartered multinationals, against other States: ISDS. Investor-State Dispute Settlement (with their ‘fork in the road’ provisions).

(Digital) Rolodexes the world over will be spinning by now. As and when this leads to litigation as suggested above, the blog will be reporting.




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