My contribution to the Flygskam movement: I move to use EmbAirrassment as its English equivalent.

Liverpool have just beaten Barcelona 4-0 to reach the Champions League finals, and I am slowly making my way through marking a smallish pile of essay papers. Yet in the midst of all of this I was asked whether the Swedish language and societal phenomenon of ‘Flygskam’ has an English equivalent.

Flygskam stands for being ashamed of flying. ‘Flying shame’ is what the English speaking media seem to have come up with so far.

Embarrassment of flying, therefore. Putting an embarrassment to take to the air together, I came up with EmbAirrassment. Embairrassment might work, too.

I might be the first to do so and I hope it might, well, take off, catch on, or indeed, fly.




Intellectual property and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s

An unusual entry perhaps if you allow me, on the nature of intellectual property, piracy, marketing and rendering unto film companies what is theirs.

I found myself on Saturday night trying frantically to have the kids watch a motion picture online. Being a lawyer and all that, and generally firmly believing that one ought to be renumerated for one’s intellectual property, I tried to do it the right way. I wanted to pay for online entertainment just as we used to do when popping out to the video store.

An hour (!) and tens of search engine strings later, after having visited the official webpages of all companies involved, researched all possible reliable legitimate media providers and having gotten increasingly frustrated, I gave up. The only place which seemed to have a legitimate offer was Apple I Tunes or I store of something of the kind – however I am neither an Apple customer nor in possession of any of their hardware. Where is the E equivalent of all those video stores?

In the process, I declined numerous offers to watch said film ‘free’ – i.e. illegally. This has made me wonder: in trying to teach my children the virtues of law enforcement, respect for intellectual property, and generally doing the right thing, I was not exactly helped by the holders of said property.

Is there some distribution reality complication which makes it impossible for the creators of intellectual property to make it just as easy to pay for their services as it is not to pay? Have I bumped into the limits of my search engine talents, in which case, please if one of you could send me a relevant link?


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