From the archives: the professor Arnaud Nuyts study on residual jurisdiction. [update July 2020] The Heidelberg Report on Brussels I.

Update 18 07 2020 I understand the Heidelberg report on the application of regulation Brussels I likewise is not always easy to find. Here it is on my server, and here on CourtESA servers. I am trying to find copy of the country reports. The report has been published by Beck, which is handy to have if you have the means. Seeing as the Report is public per being financed by the EC, I trust Heidelberg will have no objection to the link here.

This is a short post for archival purposes: I have been looking in vain in the past few weeks for a copy of prof Nuyts’ 2007 study for the European Commission on ‘residual jurisdiction’ (Review of the Member States’ Rules concerning the “Residual Jurisdiction” of their courts in Civil and Commercial Matters pursuant to the Brussels I and II Regulations). It was no longer on the EC’s studies page and the url which many of us have been using in the past no longer works. So here it is. Courtesy of the European Commission and of prof Nuyts.

Enjoy. It has lost nothing of its topical nature.



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