Handing over. ‘Joint control’ in Fansites /Wirtschaftsakademie.

Choices, choices. I will continue to follow the GDPR for jurisdictional purposes, including territorial scope. (And I have a paper coming up on conflict of laws issues in the private enforcement of same). But for much of the GDPR enforcement debate, I am handing over to others. Johannes Marosi, for instance, who reviews the CJEU judgment this week in Fansites /Wirtschaftsakademie, over at Verfassungsblog. I reviewed the AG’s Opinion here.

Judgment in Grand Chamber but with small room for cheering.

As Johannes’ post explains, there are many loose ends in the judgment, and little reference to the GDPR (technically correct but from a compliance point of view wanting). (As an aside: have a look at Merlin Gömann’s paper, in CMLREv, on the territorial scope of the GDPR).


(Handbook of) EU Private International Law, 2nd ed. 2016, Chapter 2, Heading



3 Replies to “Handing over. ‘Joint control’ in Fansites /Wirtschaftsakademie.”

  1. Dear Prof. Van Claster,

    at present I’m working on a paper on the interface between the GDPR and the B1bisR, have you read any article on this topic from (non-Italian) scholars yet?

    Thanks in advance,

    Ennio Piovesani

  2. Dear Prof. Van Claster,

    Actually i’m writing one too, I’ll share it with you as soon as I’ll finish it!

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Kind regards,

    Ennio Piovesani

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