Yummie. The week ahead at the CJEU.

I do not habitually report on the week ahead at the CJEU. I do frequently tweet and Link one specific cases where a Hearing or Opinion AG is planned. This week however offers a great tableau of core issues of EU law: one could hinge an entire course simply on the cases this week: thank you Stefaan Van der Jeught for collating:

C-409/16 Kalliri considers minimum height requirements for police officers: acceptable discrimination? (Judgment WED). C-65/16 Istanbul Lojistik: Hungarian toll on HGVs in transit: compatible with the EU-Turkey Association Agreement? (Judgment Thurs). C-383/16 Vion Livestock: Which rules for transport of life animals ex-EU (also judgment Thurs; one or two recent precedents here). C-522/16 A is particularly intriguing and relevant: can a company with constant exposure to customs law, hide behind (and escape additional duties) its having obtained the green (tax and customs law) light from customs law experts, when a corporate structure turns out to be questionable? This judgment (also due on Thursday) may have considerable relevance for EU law generally, and corporate due diligence in compliance. Also for Thursday: C-281/16 Vereniging Hoekschewaards Landschap, on the classification of a habitat site and finally C-598/16 P Yanukovych, Ukraine’s former president who opposes the freezing of his assets in the EU.

Have a good week! Geert.

2 Replies to “Yummie. The week ahead at the CJEU.”

  1. Don’t forget about the judgment in Bolagsupplysningen on the interpretation of article 7.2 Brussels Ibis!

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